A & L Septic & Vacuum Tank Service Rentals

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Jobsite Trailers: Our jobsite multi-use trailers are the ultimate construction site trailer or emergency response trailer and provides all your jobsite service needs in one complete unit. Installed, is a diesel powered light plant with a 50-foot tower providing auxiliary power output for jobsite tools and heaters etc. Included are two portable washrooms, insulated and heated if needed, waste oil and contaminated waste disposal drums, a 220 cubic foot dumpster for non-contaminated waste and standard garbage and a 1000 litre auxiliary fuel tank auxiliary pump for filling equipment or as auxiliary fuel for a light plant. We can deliver, service and maintain this equipment anywhere in BC!

Luxury Washroom Trailers: Our luxury washroom trailer provides that extra wow factor to any event. For up to 175 guests, the units come fully serviced and equipped. Flush toilets, heat and A/C, lighting, hot and cold running water and even music to add the special touch. Very well appointed, clean and ready to add quality to any special day. Great for weddings, special events, and family reunions.

Porta-Potties: We supply and deliver clean portable toilets to your event or construction site. No matter the size of your event, we can assist you with portable toilet rentals and setup.

Hand Wash Stations: Our hand wash stations are the perfect solution for backyard hygiene and very often used in conjunction with our portable toilet rental service. Clean water is activated by a foot pump and then drains into a separate holding tank for disposal. Wherever food and drink is being served, hand washing is absolutely necessary. Family reunions, special events such as outdoor sports and catered events are just some of the uses for our hygienic hand wash stations. Our hand wash station rental units include soap and dispensers, paper towel, dispensers and fresh water.

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